Gymnasium Preparation


Our course is aimed specifically at students who are preparing for the for the Swiss Gymnasium entrance exam (long-and short-term). In small groups of 5-10 participants per course, our experienced teachers provide a solid basic knowledge, which will be developed during the course and specifically prepare for the tasks of the Gymnasium entrance examination. We rehearse the necessary material, offer numerous exercises with solutions and carry out complete exam simulations. Thus, the students learn to get used to the exam situation and will receive a feedback on what they already know and what they should further increase. This helps to manage any possible test anxiety. Learning and study techniques are a central component of our course and is taught systematically and continuously. The pupils are actively supported in their individual learning process. They are taught sustainable competencies to become a successful learner. 

This course is also suitable as a preparation for a BMS and other secondary schools (FMS and HMS), or simply to improve the grades and thus increase the chance of a high quality apprenticeship.

Structure of the Course

The course is systematically and specifically designed to successfully pass the exam. Learners can fully acquire and consolidate basic knowledge through theory and examples. 

Here is an example: How do decompose a number into its prime factors? How do you determine the least common multiple of numbers? How to calculate with variables? These basics are to be understood, practiced and automated in the course. We provide numerous exercises in our learning folder as well as on our online learning system. For this purpose, we have prepared the solutions to the individual tasks so that the participants can follow each step individually. Each chapter shows which stumbling blocks should be considered when solving a task. This is also possible as a correspondence course.

In all subjects assessments of learning progress take place frequently. Depending on the subject, these include oral and written tests as well as complete exam simulations which makes exams become routine. These can also be booked individually. We expect our students to complete our additional homework, which is at least three hours a week. The detailed solutions will be available online one week later.
In addition, participants will have access to our online learning system (submission of tasks and retrieval of solutions, access via Internet from computer). This allows students to practice from home any time and prepare for the exam.

Gymnasium Preparation from the 6th Grade on

Basic Course 2 or 4 Lessons per Week (45 min / Lesson)

Wed .: 14: 00 – 17:25 pm

Sat .: 09: 00 – 12: 25 clock

Sat .: 14: 00 am – 17: 25 pm

2 lessons per week (Mathematics / German) CHF 1’125.- 

4 lessons per week (2x Mathematics / 2x German) CHF 1’975.-

Holiday Intensive Course 5 days per week 4 Lessons each

10.02.2020 – 14.02.2020 / 17.02.2020 – 21.02.2020 

Mon – Fri: 09: 00am – 12: 25 pm  CHF 750.- / week

Gymnasium Preparation: 2nd/ 3rd Secondary School

Basic course 3 or 4 lessons per week (50 min / lesson)

Wed .: 14: 00 – 17: 25 pm

Sat .: 09: 00 am – 12: 50 pm

Sat .: 14: 00 – 17: 25 pm

3 lessons per week (Mathematics, German, French) CHF 1’575.-

4 lessons per week (2x Mathematics, 1x German, 1x French) CHF 2’100.-

Holiday Intensive Course 5 Days per 4 Lessons each

10.02.2020 – 14.02.2020 / 17.02.2020 – 21.02.2020 

Mon – Fri: 09: 00 am – 12: 55 pm  CHF 845.- / week

Combined Course 

Alternating 1 week online 1 week regular on-site course CHF 1’250.-

The course price includes our “Gymi folder” with learning materials from EULika and access to our online learning system.

Wth less than 5 students a small group fee will be charged

Correspondence Course (Online Learning)

CHF 350.- long-term Gymnasium (Mathematics CHF 200.- / German CHF 150.-)

CHF 500.- short-term Gymnasium (Mathematics CHF 200.- / German CHF 150 .- / French CHF 150.-)

Exam simulations 22.02.2020/29.02.2020/XNUMX

Long-term Gymnasium (German, Mathematics) CHF 115.-

Short-term Gymnasium (German, Maths, French) CHF 135.-

Central Entrance Examinations

Registration deadline: 15. November 2019 – 10. February 2020 

Long-term Gymnasium: 9. March 2020 

Short-term Gymnasium: 9. / 10. and 25. March 2020

Subjects Tested:

Long-term Gymnasium: German, Mathematics

Short term Gymnasium: German, Mathematics, French

Your Advantages

  Enrollment possible any time, troughout the year

  • Also available as correspondence learning
  • Correspondence and regular on-site course combined possible
  • Small classes from 5 to maximum 10 participants
  • The course price includes our “Gymi folder” with learning materials as well as access to our online learning system