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The online course is ideal for those who can’t attend our classes.

Convince yourself of the quality of our material! Here are some samples for the following subjects:

Our online learning environment contains extensive documents and exercise material for all subjects. This includes the following parts:

1. Scripts

Comprehensive script on the subject and / or page numbers in the textbook.

2. Summaries

These only help you to understand the most important things as briefly and concisely as possible at a glance. Suitable for a short repetition – a check-up about what you know (or not yet); in the form of an A4 page, which provides the most important information on the subject in a short and crisp manner. These summaries have been written by our longstanding teachers who specialize in exam preparation. And they have been tested by our students.

3. Exercises

It is known that practice makes perfect. The exercises are structured didactically so that you start with the basics. Again, our star and elephant system applies: the more stars, the higher the level. The more elephants filled in, the more relevant to exams or generally more important. If you get stuck in an exercise, you can get a solution tip with a click of the mouse until the end of the task. The exercises include annotated solutions. It is important to us that you can understand the solutions step by step. The goal is that you learn which questions you have to ask yourself in order to come to a correct solution for this type of task.

4. Tests

The test module shows you clearly what you can already do and where there are gaps. There are different modules depending on the subject. An evaluation shows you what you have solved correctly and what has not yet. Here too there are commented solutions that will help you to find the right solution yourself for the next similar task. The good thing: Any mistake you make in the system here will no longer be made during the exam – cool, isn’t it?

5. Glossary

Mainly in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, it is crucial that all people who use technical terms to understand each other understand the same thing. For successful scientific communication, you should therefore learn these terms as quickly and correctly as possible. Since we systematically queried definitions, our students learn significantly faster and easier. The definitions can either be called up as a list or as a selection in the answer mode of “Queries” by moving the mouse over the underlined terms with a pop-up. In between, it is very worthwhile to read parts of the list again briefly in order to visualize terms or to simply memorize them. But please be brain-friendly, that is, with a good, best-fitting example – be it a funny story or a donkey bridge; and best connected with emotions.

6. To Test

First choose the subject you want to learn about, then your level.

Works according to the old and tried and tested system of learning files, as has been known for a long time and has been described by Leitner.

It works very simply:

Infografik "Lernkärtchen"

At the beginning of your first query session, all questions with the corresponding answers are in the first section. Correctly answered questions move on to a compartment, incorrectly answered questions stay where they are.

Questions that were not answered correctly will be queried again faster than questions that have just been answered correctly.

For many questions, you should click “right” or “wrong” in the answer. Of course, you shouldn’t cheat, cheating yourself doesn’t help anyone … Your goal is the knowledge & skills in your head! With some query types such as fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice questions, the system automatically takes your correct or incorrect answer.

Comprehensive Documents for Every Subject

A few numbers: In mathematics, we offer around 500 pages of script, over 780 practice and 160 original exam questions. In addition there are approx. 1370 learning cards in the query system. In physics there are over 185 exercises and around 1000 learning cards. In all subjects, our range is constantly being expanded and qualitatively revised.

We also issue language licenses for a web-based language learning program. This allows you to learn different languages online and independently during one year.

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