Preparation Course for the ECUS Exam

People who have a recognized foreign educational qualification, but which does not correspond to the Swiss educational qualification (e.g. federal Matura) can study at many Swiss universities or technical colleges, provided they are admitted to the ECUS examination and pass it.

This Examprep course prepares you for the ECUS exam in Zurich. It is available as:


  • German: At the beginning of the annual course, students should have a German level B2 or higher
  • English B2 level
  • Recognized foreign qualification for the ECUS examination

Information about the exam

The ECUS exam (Éxamen Complémentaire des Hautes Écoles Suisses) is a supplementary exam and is used for admission to some Swiss universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education. You can find general information about the exam on the ECUS website and from the “Swiss Universities” organization. Each university has its own criteria regarding admission to exams. For information on admission and registration for the ECUS exam, please contact your preferred university directly and via this link.
We also offer support on site during the exam.

On-site course structure

The following table provides an overview of the number of lessons as preparation for the ECUS exam. The subjects can all be booked modularly.

Subjects Annual course 2020/2021
(19.10.2020 – 11.08.2021)
Number of lessons per week total
Mathematics 11 330
English* 4 136
History* 3 102
Introduction Law* Block courses ca. 15
Elective (choose one)
Physics until 19.12.2020: 6, then 9 270
Biology 4 136
Chemistry 4 136
Geography 2 68
Economics* Block courses ca. 25
Total (natives) 20 – 29 676 – 885
German** (C1 for non-natives) 8 247
total (non-natives) 28-37 923 – 1132
* With four or fewer participants in English, history & introducing law, geography and economics we reserve the right to reduce the number of lessons.
** Until 17 July 2021
You can take the German exam at the same time as the ECUS exam in August. However, we recommend that you take the C1 German exam at an earlier date so that you have enough time and resources to master the other subjects in German at mother tongue level