Preparation Course for the Entrance Exam of the University of Zurich (UZH)

With 25,000 students, UZH is the largest university in Switzerland. It is one of the leading European research universities, especially in the fields of medicine, immunology, genetics, neurosciences, structural biology and economics. So far, UZH has produced twelve Nobel Prize winners.

This ExamPrep course is designed as intensive preparation specifically for the direct entrance exam of the University of Zurich and is offered as:


  • Good German knowledge (at the beginning of the annual course at least level B2 or higher), since the course as well as the entrance exam will be in German
  • Good English knowledge (at the beginning of the annual course at least level B2)
  • Knowledge in English Literature
  • Second language French, Spanish or Italian (at the beginning of the annual course at least level B2 incl. knowledge in literature)

Information about the exam

Unlike the ETH entrance examination, the UZH only offers one examination option, which is based on the Federal Matura. ExamPrep prepares the participants for all subjects to be taken in the UZH entrance exam except the second language. Second languages ​​are not part of the ExamPrep curriculum, but are offered as private lessons on request.

Next annual course

Next annual course starts on Monday, 19th of August 2024.

Course structure for on-site course

Annual course
September – May
Expected number of lessons per week total
Mandatory subjects
Mathematics 10 300
English* 4 100
History* 3 75
German Literature 2 50
Elective courses (4 out of 5)
Physics 9 270
Biology 4 120
Chemistry 4 120
Geography* 2 50
Economics & law* block courses ca. 35
Lessons (native speakers) 38 – 40 1’120
additionally: German C1 8 232
Lessons (non-natives) 46 – 50 1’352
*With four or fewer participants in the subjects English, History, German Literature, Geography, Economics and Introduction to Law, we reserve the right to reduce the number of lessons.

We are happy to advise you

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