Preparation Course for the Passerelle Exam

This ExamPrep course is designed as intensive preparation specifically for the Passerelle exam and is offered as


  • Federal Vocational Matura
  • Good German knowledge (at the beginning of the annual course at least level B2 or higher), since the course as well as the entrance exam will be in German
  • Good English knowledge (at the beginning of the annual course at least level B2)
  • Knowledge in English Literature
  • French (at the beginning of the annual course at least level B21 incl. knowledge in literature)

Information about the exam

If you have a federal vocational baccalaureate, you can take the Passerelle supplementary examination. From a legal point of view, the passed exam is not a Matura, but it does open access to all Swiss universities. The exams take place twice a year in all three language regions

On-site course structure

The following table provides an overview of the number of lessons as preparation for the Passerelle exam. The subjects can all be booked modularly.

Subjects Annual course
(28 Oct 2019 – 12 Aug 2020)
Number of lessons per week total
Mandatory subjects (all)
Mathematics 10 330
English* 4 136
History* 3 102
Introduction law* block courses ca. 15
Elective courses (choose one)
Physics 8 264
Biology 4 136
Chemistry 4 136
Geography 2 68
Economics* Block courses ca. 25
total (native speakers) 21 – 28 608 – 872
German** (C1 for non-natives) 8 256
total (non-natives) 29 – 36 864 – 1128
*With four or fewer participants in English, History & Introduction to Law, Geography and Business, we reserve the right to reduce the number of lessons.
** Until July 17th, 2020
You can take the German exam at the same time as the ECUS exam in August. However, we recommend that you take the C1 German exam at an earlier date so that you have enough time and resources to master the other German subjects at mother tongue level.