School Concept

Our most important goal is that our students are optimally prepared for later studies and that they pass the entrance exams relatively stress-free. Our experienced teachers build the entire course material according to the individual exam requirements. These are continuously adapted to the various examination regulations.

Here are the most important points of our didactic concept:

Learning material systematically and specifically structured for the different exams

Advanced practice with original exam questions (in-house task collection)

Continuous repetition of the learning material: in all subjects, verbally and in writing

Online-Learning: „Learn Anytime Anywhere“:

  • Flash card system with important terms and basic knowledge. Content that you have to know by heart (including the correct use of German terms important for oral exams) is stored in this system. Trough application the knowledge will be moved to the long-term memory.
  • Definitions / Glossary
  • Exercises
  • Summaries
  • Mock exams

Regular exams: Students receive specific feedback on what they have already understood, but also which topics need to be further deepened.

  • Exams: every 2 weeks in the basic course, every Friday morning in the intensive course
  • Each 1 lesson physics & biology and 2 lessons maths exam, written and oral
  • Chemistry is mainly tested orally on the blackboard, as in the entrance exam
  • Various types of exams are played through; so our students are routinely prepared for everything

Videos of the lessons held: Missed lessons can be watched on our in-house video system. No streaming possible for data & personal rights reasons.

We attach great importance to the acquisition of various learning and working techniques, such as mind maps, learning with cards, learning diary or group work. Regular practice of short presentations, independent writing of summaries as well as asking exam questions are part of this. This diversity of methods helps to learn faster, better and with more fun and overview. Our students are led to self-reliant and independent learning.

Mathematics exercises in half-classes in the intensive course: With this, all questions can be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere with sufficient time.

Our school premises are there for learning. In order to promote learning in working groups and since some students learn better at school than at home, the school is also open in the evenings. There are blackboards, whiteboards, library and various computers for practicing.

State-of-the-art technology: Our multimedia system supports the visualizations and ensures a varied learning experience.

We can also offer you an environment that is ideally suited to everyday learning:

WLAN for all students

Break room with cooking facilities (hot plates with pans and microwaves), refrigerators & coffee machines. It is important to us that our students eat well and can sit together comfortably from time to time.

Shopping options for lunch: A Migros Voi branch and a cozy bistro are located directly opposite the school rooms.

In sunny weather, the surrounding green space with swimming facilities (Werdinsel, indoor pool) invites you to relax from everyday school life.

Last but not least: We are always open to questions, small and large concerns from our students.