Stay in Switzerland


You usually get a visa when you take an annual course at ExamPrep. Please note the different regulations depending on the country of origin. Therefore, please check the entry requirements of Switzerland.

It is important that you follow all the regulations correctly. To receive the visa it can take bewteen two weeks and 3 Months. A visa is valid for a maximum of 365 days. Your examination time is also included in these 365 days! There are no restrictions for participants without a visa requirement.

Reporting Obligation

All students (including those with EU citizenship) met within 14 days to report personally to the residents’ control of their community, since all Stays for study purposes or internship activities are subject to notification if they  take longer than three months or 90 working days. To obtain a residence permit from the  The following documents must be submitted to the cantonal authorities: – Valid passport / identity card – apartment rental agreement – Employment contract / or school confirmation – Proof of sufficient financial resources (CHF 1,750 per month, e.g. account statement) – Processing and exhibition fee (approx. CHF 20.- to 150.- depending on the country of origin) – Citizens from third countries also bring an authorization to issue a visa and proof of insurance.

Health Insurance

It is stipulated by law that all persons who have been in Switzerland for more than 3 months must have health insurance. Foreign guest students are also available during a stay From 3 months old, you have to register with a Swiss health insurance company for basic insurance. Swiss insurance companies are obliged to include all persons in basic insurance without conditions and waiting periods. If you provide proof of your health and accident insurance in your home country, you can be exempt from compulsory basic insurance in Switzerland. Please check your general insurance cover and clarify your personal insurance cover during your stay in Switzerland. Students are responsible for all types of insurance, especially accident, health and liability insurance. If you would like a visa for your stay in Switzerland, you must provide proof of insurance when you apply for a visa.

Military Service (only for Swiss Citizens)

In most cases, the time between the vocational school leaving certificate or the school leaving certificate is not sufficient to complete the recruit school without overlap. It is important to plan this as early as possible and to get in touch with the Student / Military Coordination Office at ETH or the Central Student Advisory Service at UZH. 1. Intermediate year: During this time you can complete the RS  and the remaining time for language stays, internships, part-time jobs or holidays 2. Carry on: You can now train as a non-commissioned officer, a higher non-commissioned officer  or complete officer in one piece. For example, training from a recruit takes place  to the lieutenant a total of one year. So the management career path is an attractive alternative  for an intense interim year. 3. Service in one piece: Another alternative is the obligation as a clerk.  You do all of your military service in one go, and you don’t have to afterwards  Complete the repeat course more.  Thus, there is no overlap during the subsequent course of study. 4. Fractionation: In justified cases, e.g. because of the studies, a soldier can  Interrupt RS once and complete in two parts

Stay in Zurich and Surroundings

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