Teachers & staff

Headmistress & Head of department Biology

Barbara Freimann

Barbara Freimann, dipl.zool.

  • CEO & owner / headmistress
  • Over 25 years experience in exap preparation for Swiss Universities
  • Former private school Dr. Junod (1990-2007), Flying Teacher’s, Institut Mössinger, Kantonsschule Küsnacht
  • German for non-natives (Goethe), CELTA

Head of department Mathematics

Igor Rezan

Igor Rezan BSc in Mathematics

  • Currently doing his Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mathematics
  • Over 15 years of experience as a tutor and teacher, at the Realgymnasium Rämibühl Zurich und various private schools

Head of department Physics

Björn Graneli

Björn Graneli, Dr.ing., dipl. ing. dipl. phys.

  • Many years of international experience in research and teaching, engineers, theoretical physics
  • Guest lecturer, research collaboration at ETH Zurich und University of Zurich
  • Supervisor of student internships at University of Zurich

Head of department Chemistry

Basile Perdikakis

Vassilios Basile Perdikakis, Dr.phil. II und dipl.chem.

  • Teaching Chemistry since 1980 at the private school Dr. Junod
  • entrepreneur

Head of department Geography

Markus Roth

Markus Roth MSc Geogr. & Cartog

  • Many years of experience in course development, quality assurance, accreditation and consulting in higher education (CH/USA)
  • Scientific research work, editing und analysis in social an political science
  • Many years of management experience in Marketing und Communications at private and public Universities
  • Teaching experience in Geography on high school level and German for non-natives, Assistent in Sociology

Head of department History

Ralph Bräker

Ralph Bräker lic. phil I German History, dipl. adult educator (SVEB I)

  • Teaching diploma for Secondary level II
  • Certification for German and Theory of Knowledge of the IB
  • DaZ instructor
  • Lecturer at College of Higher Education
  • Many years of experience as high school teacher

Head of department German Literature

Dominik Holzer

Dominik Holzer BA in German, Film and Theatre Studies

  • Currently doing his second Bachelor in Literary Writing
  • Experience as German teacher
  • Head of department German C1

    Sara Meyer

    Sara Meyer dipl. Primary School teacher, dipl. education manager

  • Many years of experience as teacher in different primary schools and in adult education
  • Headmistress of a Primary School
  • Head of department English

    Nicolas Benz

    Nicolas Benz

    • CELTA Certificate for English teacher

    Head of department Economics

    Eva Schwendimann

    Eva Schwendimann Master of Law

  • In training for teaching diploma for grammar schools and vocational education in Economics and Law
  • Experience as teacher in a school for young asylum seekers
  • Head of department Biology

    Alexander Fehr

    Alexander Fehr, Dr.sc.nat., dipl.biol.univ.

    • Many years of experience in research and education
    • In training for teaching diploma for grammar schools
    • Experience as high school teacher


    Verena Mergola

    Verena Mergola

    • Since many years first call of port for all matters
    • Has always an overview of all courses and students


    Rita Calame

    Rita Calame Federal Diploma as Accounting Expert

    • Does the accounting


    Yasemin Rende

    Yasemin Rende

    • BSc HES-SO in Tourism
    • Does Marketing campaigns
    • Has an open heart for students matters
    Mayjoy Benz

    Mayjoy Benz Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education as Marketing Manager

    • Uses digital tools in top speed
    • Can work the entire day with only one Snickers


    Damian Hiltebrand

    Damian Hiltebrand

    • M.Sc in Psychology and IT
    • Develops our online-platform and maintains the homepage
    • Is there for for staff and students concerning technical problems

    Chief Happiness Officer


    Pumbi M.Sc in Stress reduction

    • Gives students and teachers caresses for free
    • Can growl like a big dog