University Preparation – General Information

Studying without a Swiss Matura – Preparation Courses for Entrance Exams of the ETH, University of Zurich, ECUS and more

The dream of studying at one of the universities in Switzerland can only be realised if a Swiss Matura has been successfully completed or a corresponding entrance exam has been passed at the respective university. ExamPrep offers you the opportunity to do your Matura or to prepare for the entrance exams of the ETH or another Swiss university. ExamPrep was founded in 2010 with the aim of professionally preparing prospective students for the entrance exams for studying at a Swiss university. Since then, ExamPrep’s offers have continued to expand along with the steadily growing number of students. Several hundred graduates are now successfully studying at the ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, the HSG and other universities in Switzerland.

All courses can be booked as:

ExamPrep Preparatory Courses


Our Strengths

  • Integration of original exam tasks (own exam collection)
  • Regular mock exams in all subjects orally and in writing
  • Online learning platform with all documents available anytime
  • Entry possible at any time
  • Individual consultation
  • Courses can be booked modularly as on-site or distance course, private lessons or combined
  • Missed lessons can be watched on video

Target Group

  • People who do not have a Matura and want to study at a Swiss university
  • People with a foreign high school diploma
  • People with a vocational baccalaureate or technical baccalaureate who want to study at a university
  • People who would like to take the Federal Matura
  • People who dropped out of high school
  • Students who would like to prepare for scientific or medical studies
  • Students who are abroad or in employment and would like to prepare for the exam via distance course

German Knowledge

All oral and written entrance examinations at universities and universities of applied sciences in German-speaking Switzerland, as well as the Federal Matura are carried out in German. Good knowledge of German – at least level B2 is recommended – is therefore a requirement. The lessons at the ExamPrep are conducted in German in order to make the exam material accessible to the participants as quickly as possible. We also offer German lessons at level C1 / C2.

Information about the Exams

The following table provides an overview of the different exams for which ExamPrep offers specific preparation courses. (All data without guarantee of correctness and completeness)

Date Place German certificate*
ETH exam(reduced & comprehensive) 15. – 25. Jan 2024 Zurich C1 with grading “good”, certificate before exam
ECUS exam Aug 2024 Zurich C1 certificate**, for Zurich University of Teacher Education C2
Uni Zurich entrance exam Mai/June 2024 Zurich C1
Passerelle exam Aug/Sept 2024 Bern, Basel or Zurich No certificate needed
Federal Matura Aug/Sept 2024 Bern, Basel or Zurich No certificate needed
* A German certificate only needed if non-native speaker
** The C2 exam can also be taken directly at the ECUS exam